Mersad Berber

“the eyes have one language everywhere”

Mersad Berber

“the eyes have one language everywhere”

Mersad Berber was the most considerable artist to emerge from the chaos of the Balkan wars of the 1990s

Camille Corot

Camille Corot was a French landscape and portrait painter as well as a printmaker in etching and famous art teacher in Paris. Corot was a leading figure in the Barbizon school of France in the mid-nineteenth century.

Chinese Art

Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in China or by Chinese artists. Chinese art has arguably the oldest continuous tradition in the world

Paul Delvaux

surrealism ! what is surrealism ?
in my opinion , it is above all a reawakening of the poetic idea in art , the reintroduction of the subject but in a very particular sense , that of the strange and illogical

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter and printmaker whose intensely evocative treatment of psychological themes built upon some of the main tenets of late 19th-century Symbolism.

Riza Abbasi

Riza Abbasi, one of the most celebrated Persian painters, is considered the unrivaled master of the genre.

Gustave Moreau

“I believe neither in what I touch nor what I see . I only believe in what i do not see , and solely in what I feel”

Boris Grigoriev

Boris Grigoriev studied at the Stroganov Art School. Grigoriev went on to study at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. He began exhibiting his work as a member of the Union of Impressionists group, and became a member of the World of Art movement.

Edward Burne-Jones

Edward Burne-Jones, 1st Baronet ARA was a British artist and designer closely associated with the later phase of the Pre-Raphaelite movement.